The German AIDS Foundation espouses for HIV positive people since 1987.

In the third semester we evolved a potential corporate design and a campaign for the foundation. The title of our design concept is „everyone is different“ and because of that we decided to make a dynamic logo which includes 24 fonts. The new design should represent a modern and self-confident foundation.
The campaign includes nine photographs which should provocate to get attention. The theme of the campaign is the discrimination of the infected people: „here you can‘t infect you. And with a smile neither“. The campaign comes to the new website, where you can sign your name to issue a statement for more respect towards affected persons. To publish the new design of the foundation we offer many merchandising products like bags, a card game and post cards with a condom on the backside.

The project is made in teamwork with Corinna Ruttert, Saskia Egetenmeier, Nina Arndt and Ekatherini Tsepou.

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